Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Co-founder / Editor-in-chief

Dowon Choi


Dowon, co-founder of KpopCreativity, wants to be the future “Lady Ga-Ga” of psychology. She was born in South Korea where she was a singer/song-writer and released two albums while studying psychology at Chung-Ang University. Due to her stage anxiety and unleashed diverse interests, she failed her music business. Then, she decided to move to the US. While she was a waitress in Alaska, she realized how noodles are considered as a cheap and junk food in the US. She created entire unit curriculum about noodles. Dowon has taught English, music, Japanese, ACT prep, and various enrichment courses, including her popular “History of Noodles,” to various groups of students in South Korea and the US. She was inspired to obtain her master’s degree of Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent Development at the University of Connecticut after teaching students with autism spectrum disorders. As a TEDx speaker, she aesthetically symbolized people diagnosed with the spectrum with the beautiful and beneficial undomesticated animal, the cheetah. In 2015, she started K-PoPsychology on YouTube. She interviews renowned experts in education and creativity to reduce the gap between scholars and practitioners for Korean and international audiences. Currently, she has been researching and writing journal articles about students’ error analysis based on the KTEA-3 and has published a book chapter about creativity.

최도원, 심리학의 ‘레이디 가가’를 꿈꾸는 그녀는 대한민국 서울에서 태어났고 인천에서 컸다. 중앙대학교 심리학을 전공하면서, 홍대 인디 음악계의 1.5세대 싱어송 라이터로 밴드 ‘식스틴’으로 앨범 두 장을 냈다. 노래 만드는 것만 좋아했던 그녀는 흥행에 실패하고 딱히 할 일이 없어 얼마 후 미국으로 이사를 갔다. 알라스카의 한인식당에서 서빙할 때, 국수가 미국인들에게는 하찮은 음식으로 취급당하는 것을 보고, ‘국수’에 관한 교육 커리큘럼 한 단원을 완성했다. 한국과 미국에서 영어, 일본어, 음악, 수학 등 다양한 과목들을 가르쳤다. 그 후, 미국에서 자폐 스펙트럼 진단을 받은 고등학교 학생들과 생활하면서 아이들의 독특한 매력을 발견은 코네티컷 주립대학의 교육심리 분야인 영재, 창의력과 재능발달 석사과정을 밟게하는 직접적 원인이 되었다. 미국TEDx강연자로서, 자폐 스펙트럼이 있는 사람을 치타로 소위 정상인이라는 사람을 고양이로 비교하면서, 치타의 강인하면서도 멋진 길들여지지 않는 야생성이 우리 사회에 꼭 필요한 자산임을 예술적으로 표현했다. 2015년 ‘K-PoP심리학’이라는 교육와 창의 분야에 권위있는 전문가를 인터뷰하는 비디오를 유튜브에 발표하기 시작했다. 현재, KTEA-3으로 학생들의 오류를 분석하는 연구로 학술지 논문을 발표하고 모든 아이들의 창의력을 위해 공동저자 책에 참여하며 왕성한 활동을 해외에서 하고 있다.

Co-founder / Managing Director

Eric Schoonard

Eric Schoonard is a co-founder of KpopCreativity, and along with Dowon, is the co-producer of the KPoPsychology Show. He is a secondary mathematics teacher who has taught in the United States, South Korea, and Vietnam. Currently, Eric teaches 6th and 7th grade math at Saigon South International School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Eric’s interests have long dabbled in the nerdy, creative arts. In elementary school he built his first computer. His 8th grade teacher, Mr. Jonathan Mullen, gave him the opportunity to learn graphic design in the Mac lab on Photoshop and created a classroom culture that fostered and expected creative production.

In high school he began to fall in love with video editing, photography, and writing. However, this was not the only form of creativity Eric displayed. Motivated by more time to play video games at home, (and perhaps a tinge of laziness) he used his computer knowledge, and a fair share of malevolent creativity, to set up a homework sharing virtual drive on the school’s network, and invited his friends to “collaborate.” Learning quite quickly from the subsequent conversation with the principal, Eric discovered firsthand the importance of context in the creative process. In college, Eric, along with a close friend, took on the challenge to revamp and revitalize the college newspaper by becoming editor and assistant editor. He brings his years of practical nerd experience to managing the KpopCreativity website.

In his teaching career, his main focus has been implementing ways to teach student at their current level of need and readiness, providing content and resources to meet the needs to those both above and below grade level. Recently this has taken the form of using technology to assist teachers in flipping, differentiating, and gamifying the secondary classroom. He has presented on these topics at teaching conferences in Boston, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. His presentations are entitled: “Flipping Outliers: Achievement for ELLs and Students with Special Needs,” and “Step into the lab: Gamification, differentiation, documentation. Oh. My!” In addition he is the co-author of the book chapter “Into the Woods: Creativity in Gifted Children” in the book “Creativity in Gifted Children.”


To empower parents and educators, organizations, and creative adults in both America and Asian countries with the knowledge and tools for fostering creativity.

하루하루 열심히 살아가는 부모님, 교육자, 창의적인 모든 사람들과 그룹의 창의력을 위해 전문가적 지식과 방법이라는 아이템 (Item) 을 주고 파워 레벨을 업 (Up)!